Why BlackWell Global?

Why BlackWell Global via ForexScream

Let’s face it. There are so many Brokers out there, but only one you should be trading with. And that’s BlackWell Global, through ForexScream. This is why:

  • You will receive an Exclusively Low Spread. Even better than you going directly to BlackWell Global. This is because I have agreed to only receive $1 per Lot traded by you and that, brings the Spread way down. Especially in comparison to most representative’s Mark Up which can be $8 to $10, per traded Lot.
  • A True STP Broker.
  • Regulated by Cyprus CySEC License No. 159/11.
  • The powerful and ultra stable MT4 trading platform.
  • Hedging, EAs and Scalping are most welcome.
  • Security of funds. Your Deposits will be held in Top-Tier Banks such as HSBC, Barclays and DBS. Never in Cyprus, and are Segregated from the Company itself.
  • Investor Compensation Fund of up to €20,000.
  • No Bloomberg Adverts, no Football Team Sponsoring or other Useless, Irrelevant Features, meaning that the True STP Spread will stay Low benefiting you, our client.
  • Negative Balance Protection. In the case you are to make a loss, you will never need to pay more than what was in your account.
  • Swap Free AccountsEliminating the Swap Rates and providing you with a 20% Margin Call, and 5% Stop Out.
  • 30% Welcome Bonus – For a Deposit of up to 10,000.


BlackWell Global’s True STP Model

Providing quality price feeds, from the top International Liquidity Providers
Liquidity Providers

BlackWell Global adopts a True Straight-through Processing (STP) Model, which allows for Immediate Execution of Orders without having to go through the Dealing Desk. The Best Dealing Execution is provided to us as Trading Clients because of the High Quality Price Feeds the are received from the above Top-Tier International Banks. Price Feeds are powered by BlackWell Global’s multi-bank portal which enables real-time Executable Streaming Quotes (ESQ), assisting to acquire more than 30 Global Currency Pairs at the fastest possible speed.

✔ Competitive Spreads
✔ Minimal Slippage
✔ No Manual Intervention
✔ No Re-Quotes
✔ Fair Pricing
✔ Real-Time Executable Streaming Quotes

Fair Pricing

We ensure the Price Integrity on our network is provided at the Lowest Possible Cost in order to deliver Transparent and Fair Pricing.
BlackWell Global is connected to Top-Tier Liquidity Providers, allowing for Highly Competitive Spreads.

All Client’s Orders (including Entry, Stop and Limit Orders) are kept Completely Anonymous to BlackWell Global’s Liquidity Providers and Maintains Privacy. The True STP Model prevents any kind of Dealer Intervention, which also Eliminates Any Conflict of Interest between BlackWell Global and you, the trader.

Furthermore, sophisticated algorithms behind STP allows for Monitoring of Liquidity and the Discovery of Price Improvements that Optimizes Trade Execution and Minimizes any Market Impact.

Prime Server, based in NYC.

BlackWell Global maintains a close partnership with a NASDAQ-listed firm, EQUINIX, so that Superior Execution and Low Latency Trading can be offered. BlackWell Global’s Platforms are Directly Linked via Optical Fiber to a Multitude of Different Liquidity Providers in EQUINIX NY4, providing the Fastest Possible Execution Speed.

Equinix for BlackWell Global

The EQUINIX Server is a Foreign Exchange Trading Infrastructure that is located 11 miles from Wall Street, New York. This proximity enables us to participate in the EQUINIX Financial Exchange, an Execution Venue that connects the Global Financial Market, which includes: Buy & Sell Side Firms as well as Global Banks that are Supplying Market Data. This results in Low Latency Trading and Superior Execution Speeds.


Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

BlackWell Global Investments (Cyprus) Limited is Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License No. 159/11) to provide Prime Brokerage Services and Straight-through Processing (STP) to all European Union Member States and other Countries outside of EU.

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

BlackWell Global complies with the Strict Regulations set by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), a European Union Directive. The MiFID aims to Regulate the Markets of Financial Instruments for provision of Investment Services and Activities within the European Economic Area (EEA).

So, what kind of Spread can I expect when I open an account with you?

As you may very well be aware of, I am currently running a promotion which will give the first 300 Traders the VIP Package below:

ForexScream Packages

Let’s see how that package compares to other STP Brokers. (Always make sure to check out who’s who via CySEC. I show how you can do that here.)

Spread Compare clean
I sincerely believe this company is a great one, and I am very proud to offer their services exclusively. Click here to open your Real Account, if you are an already experienced trader, or a Demo Account to get your experience going. Many thanks, and look forward to seeing you on the other side. :)