The Benefits of Trading

The first & foremost benefit of trading for you, is, and will be: To make money. Plain and simple. This is a field with a few important topics for you to master. After that, brace yourselves for progress.

dollar stack

Living in today’s day and age it is important to actually take advantage of the technology we have available, which are our phones, computers and high speed internet. You will be able to read the news, access the MT4 trading platform, and make intelligent decisions on what and when to trade. By choosing to trade in the Forex exchange market you become a participant of this enormous $5 trillion traded per day, market.

old to new tech

At the very beginning, you will sign up for a Demo Account so that you’ll be able to try out all the things I will mention, for FREE and get acquainted with the MT4 Platform, how to trade, and have the ability to make many, many mistakes, without affecting your finances.

When your Demo Account shows an acceptable and positive balance after both profitable and the inevitable (yet controlled) losing trades, then & only then we will create a Real Trading Account for you.

In essence, by choosing to trade you will be buying a currency and selling another currency at the same time, or vise-verse. This is called going Long or Short. Let’s have a look at this in more detail.

Trading allows us to take advantage of the volatile and generally predictable markets out there.

Making Money with Bearish and Bullish

We will be making money when the market is going up, and when the market is going down. Let’s think about the scenario of depositing 10K in savings with the bank. What will that offer? 2% If you’re lucky? By trading you can make that in a day and I’ll show you how. The only thing you guys need is a bit of guidance and inspiration. Stay tuned and let’s see if this adventure is for you.