Upcomming Major News – Time to be cautious

major news

Major News are coming up, for CAD and USD.

As we can see the below previous CAD results, show a better than foretasted result, which if history repeats itself, we should see an increased value for the CAD.

cad projection

As far as the USD is concerned, I believe that we will see a rise in unemployment claims. Regardless, it’s good to stay close to your MT4 at this time and anticipate the next 15 minutes.

usd projections

Wishing you Screaming Results,


Resistance Broken, time to Short GBPUSD

As you can see above, the 1.68236 Resistance Line was broken, and I take that as a very valid time to go short. The minimum reach of this move is anticipated until 1.67890. If this Major Resistance is broken as well, then we are looking for the next one which is at 1.67430.

Hope this makes you a good profit. :)

Wednesday 16th April 2014 – Daily Outlook

Yesterday’s Top Headlines (US)

  • UK CPI y/y at 1.6%, PPI 0.2% m/m
  • US CPI beats estimate at 0.2% m/m, Gold takes a tumble on interest rate fears.
  • NZ CPI misses estimate at 0.3% q/q
  • CNY Money Supply (M2) misses estimates



  • USD Index up to 79.85
  • S&P 500 up to 1,842.98

The USD was up as US CPI figures showed prices rose by 0.2% in the month. Also further tensions in Ukraine sent investors back to the USD, the worlds reserve currency.

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