Johnny Doritis

Me in a nutshell. First of all, thanks for your interest. You being here tells me that you enjoy the site and want to find out some background & facts, about yours truly.


I was raised on a small farm (just kidding), I was born and raised in Limassol, Cyprus. Both of my parents where amazingly positive individuals, caring for my future. I attended the Grammar School, a private school which gave me the possibility to speak in English full time – and that was very exciting. I truly believe that language and my capability in this field, makes me approachable and successful.

So what will you study? My father asked. As far as University was concerned, I needed to find out some more details about my subjects of interest. I seemed to be good at Economics and Computer Science, with an inclination in Maths. So, my parents and I traveled to Nicosia to a Career guidance convention. Computer Science seemed to have more of a job availability so I decided I’d follow that. (I did love the movie Hackers, so I thought everything would be alright)


But before University could become a reality, I needed to attend our designated Military Service. For us here in Cyprus, this is a full 26 months which of-course I went in to attend. After a month of specialized training we where all given stations to go to, where we would spend the rest of our time serving. This includes guarding, cleaning, some drills and quite a bit of doing nothing (Which tends to leave any individual with a lowering of standards).

One day, a friend explained that when you are an only-child, and both your parents suffered from a terminal disease that you could get approved for early release. Be it that I have served 4 months at the time, I thought that I have learned all the required disciplines and I am now ready to move on, if the Law allows it. I wish neither my Mum or Dad suffered from Cancer. I would do 5 times the time for them to be all healthy.


Needless to say, two months later my request got approved, and it was time for me to graduate. I made many friends, and gained invaluable life experience from my short 6 months of the Cyprus Military Service. One requirement was that I need to remain in Cyprus, until the military time is completed in parallel. This meant I could either get a job, or advance my education. After consulting with my Dad, we thought college would be best and so I signed up for a Computer Science Diploma with the Intercollege.

Intercollege was a great experience. It got my appetite going for Computer Science & all the subjects that take you in depth with this topic. From programming, databases, architecture. You name it. This was the very first time I was fully exposed to Computer Science. I did quite well, recognized it’s a difficult topic but also a very useful one. I thought that if I can graduate, I can take on more difficult projects in the future.


What amazing time. Freedom, friends, fun and responsibility. Sussex University remains one of my best life experiences so far. I got loads of stories to share under this topic but I think I’ll save those for the live event.

sussex uni

Back to ‘C’eality

Now that the training is over, it was time for me to return back to Cyprus and take on my career and true responsibilities. I worked for several companies over the years, and got many lessons out of those experiences. My last few were working with brokerage firms, which got me very excited about the potential to make many connections in this field. I realized that there wasn’t enough contact with the trader, and that I wanted to do more than just a “Welcome Call”.

I even remember raising the topic of us making a Video, which as I was told, “had to go through Marketing, get many approvals before it’s on…”. I was realizing that this fast pacing industry is indeed very slow, if like me, you work from the belly of the beast.

And so, here I am. I will do my very best to provide you guys with the most value I possibly can. In return, I hope to see you trade with me via Demo at first and Real Account to follow. Make sure to subscribe to my email Newsletter on the top right of this page. I’ll make sure to email you every time a new video is up, as well as info for any upcoming webinar, EA to use or other exciting info.