How much money can I make?

You will be able to make from 2% to 20% on a monthly basis, if you use a carefully planned strategy and acknowledge the risks (in order to avoid them).

It is important to realize both the benefits and risks of trading, and know how to tilt the odds in your favor. Being able to bank your profits without letting greed set in is going to be elemental in your success. It’s my belief that profits should be withdrawn gradually, to make up for your initial investment and then everything after that can be considered net profit.

show me the money

As we will explore together later down this course, you will need to know your way around the MT4 platform, you will need to know how to interpret your indicators, you will need to anticipate market news, and trade during the sessions. Additionally, you will want to avoid opening positions prior to the weekend as it is highly common to see gaps when the market will reopen and this can cause your stop loss to be triggered or to be closed out.

Risky as this may be, the action makes it all worthwhile. And do remember, the ones who do not risk, do not drink champagne.

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