Forex 101

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Be it that you have just heard about trading, have been trading but want to use this guide to refresh your knowledge – Please feel free. I typed up all this just for you and nothing can give me greater pleasure than to have you here on my site, reading up on this resource I put together for us. Let me just say that there is absolutely no shame in admitting that you have no knowledge about the Forex Market and Trading, just yet.

Being part of the Forex Market as an employee for a few companies gave me tremendous insight on the incredible gains made by the top 20% of traders, as well as the reasons why 80% fail. One of those reasons, is adequate education. Believe it or not, many get excited over a Bonus, irrelevant features, or temporary Perks and can even go into trading blindly. We are about to put an end to all that madness, and introduce you the right way, giving you the tools and knowledge you need in order to enter the profit roller-coaster, that is known as Forex Trading.

Welcome to the Course!

The Basics

Trading Essentials

Chart types

Getting to know the MT4 platform



Candle-Stick Patterns

Broker Characteristics to Consider

Risk Management

Trading Psychology