Why is this site called ForexScream? Who’s Screaming?

Great question. Well, I needed something memorable, that makes an impact. And this is what this site’s about. You getting a Forex Trading Account that will positively impact your trading.

You claim that you offer True STP Accounts, how can I be sure you are not a Market Maker?

The best way is for us to check the CySEC site. CySEC is the local regulator for Financial companies. And they are strict, so strict in fact that they can fine brokers for millions, if they do not adhere to the rules. I show you how you can do that, here.

Hey man, is your name Yianni or Johnny?

It’s true, only con-men and p**n-stars change their names. But this is not a change. My closest friends always called me Johnny. Yianni comes from Ioannis, Ioannis translates to Johnathan, Johnathan to John, Johnny :)

Fine, the company you collaborate with is True STP. How can you offer a lower spread than the company itself?

Because I choose to only make $6 to $1 per traded lot, on top of a Raw, True STP Spread. This means that you receive the lowest possible spread.

Will you tell me when to open and close positions?

No, I will not. For a very simple reason. You should take responsibility for your trades.