Currency Pairs

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By being a trader you will be dealing with the Foreign Exchange Market. So, you will be exchanging one currency for another. First, let’s have a look at some of the world’s currencies below:

Symbol Country Currency
USD United States Dollar
EUR Europe Euro
JPY Japan Yen
GBP Great Britain Pound
CHF Switzerland Franc
CAD Canada Dollar
AUD Australia Dollar
NZD New Zealand Dollar

And so, we can imagine a currency will be of higher value if the economy it relates to is strong. Different factors influence the fluctuation of each currency on a day to day basis.  Some of these factors include the Unemployment Rate, Bond Auctions, Construction Output, Mortgage Applications, Economic Projections, Interest Rate Decisions and other factors we will explore in detail later.

By knowing when the individual Countries news are out, and having the ability to make a reasonable prediction on how those results will come out can make us a fortune on a consistent basis. This being said, we will need to know news for two separate Countries, as the Forex Exchange Market involves the simultaneous Buying and Selling of a currency pair. Let’s have a look at the Major Currency Pairs below:

Currency Pair Countries Pair’s Nickname
EUR/USD Europe / United States “Fiber, Fibre”
USD/JPY United States / Japan “Ninja, Sushi, Yen”
GBP/USD United Kingdom / US “Cable”
USD/CHF United States/ Switzerland “Swissy”
USD/CAD United States / Canada “Beaver, Loonie, The Funds”
AUD/USD Australia / United States “Ozzie, Aussie, Matie”
NZD/USD New Zealand / United States “Kiwi”

Let’s assume that you have determined that the Euro will grow stronger, while the Dollar will weaken. This means that the EURUSD graph will rise, or in Trader’s terms – be Bullish. You will then Buy (or go Long) see the rise happen, close the position and make profits.

The other scenario is that the Euro will weaken, while the Dollar grows stronger. This means that the EURUSD graph will fall, or in Trader’s terms – be Bearish. You will then Sell (or go Short) see the fall happen, close the position and make profits.